Lisbon, 23-24-25 September 2019

School of Arts and Humanities, Universidade de Lisboa
Teatro Nacional D. Maria II 


In a few days we shall meet in Lisbon for a rich debate on Shared memory(ies). Scholars and artists are busy preparing their talks. Take a moment to look at the Programme where you may find the schedule and the themes of the sessions. Abstracts and bios of all participants are also available here.

During the three days’ of the conference, we will meet Mohamed El Khatib, David Geselson, Joana Craveiro, Caroline Guiela Nguyen, Raquel André and Sara Barros Leitão. Discover who are they here. A round table with festival directors and programmers who have accepted to launch the debate on the memory of place(s) will expand the keynote of our guest and associated artist Shermin Langhoff. 

Another stimulating moment of the Conference will happen at the panel presenting what may be the contribution of observer communities who follow the artistic creative processes in the creation of memory(ies). The participants shall examine – in the presence of the director João Brites – the specific case of observing the rehearsals of Purgatory (from Dante) by the theater group O Bando. 

Additionally, two workshops will introduce a more restricted group (registration is closed) into the artistic practices of Joana Craveiro and Mohamed El Khatib.

We are thrilled with your response and excited about  what will take place during the week of 23rd-25th of September in Lisbon. Please continue checking this website for more news.

Maria João Brilhante

Centre for Theatre Studies

Tiago Rodrigues

Teatro Nacional D. Maria II